Bassel El Koussa

CEO & Co-Founder, Quiqup

Bassel El Koussa is CEO and Co-founder of Quiqup, the London-based startup making on-demand logistics accessible to everyone. While fostering the direction of Quiqup’s vision, he ensures the company has the strategy, resources, and drive to succeed and scale. Quiqup is building services for retailers and restaurants of any size and sector to go multi-channel, allowing them to connect with more consumers at critical touch points through fast, reliable and efficient on-demand logistics.

Before Quiqup, Bassel worked at a VC firm in London, where he met his co-founders. From there, they decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship and together created Quiqup with one mission - to give people their time back. Bassel holds a Master in Finance from Imperial College London and a BS degree in Finance from the American University of Beirut, where he also worked in his family business.