Speaker of Ecommena Conference

Deepak Singla

Founder & VP - Omnichannel, Vinculum Group

Deepak Singla comes loaded with 20+ years of extensive experience in supply chain and retail verticals. Before co-founding Vinculum, Deepak has consulted for C-suite executives and global retailers, leveraging his innovative IT strategies to achieve operational excellence.

Deepak’s expertise lies in Omnichannel retail - combining Retail and SaaS to create an agile, yet robust supply chain. He is fanatical about automation - and can talk at length about the ease and importance of taking offline businesses online (and vice versa).

Today, at Vinculum, Deepak heads global Sales and growth for Omnichannel retail and works with retail giants across and South-East Asia. He has also been closely involved in the development of vinMDM - one of Vinculum’s premium point products.

At eComm MENA, Deepak will co-chair the panel discussion “The Omnichannel Debate: Personalisation, Peak Management, and Logistics Strategy”. Talk to him for his thoughts on sustainable growth for retail, optimising multi-channel shopping experience and tech forecast in retail for the next five years.