Speaker of Ecommena Conference

Elie El Tom

Founder & CEO, Yalla Pickup FZE

Today, the creative solutions Elie offers are implemented with a central thought in mind: how does this make the lives of others better? He is currently the Founder & CEO at Yalla Pickup, helping companies and individuals saving time and resources by offering an easy and smart way to order a pickup truck or a mover. He is aiming to offer a digital transformation in the transportation industry.

A Civil Engineer Graduate with over 15 years of experience as an intrapreneur/entrepreneur, Elie has paved his way unto intrapreneurship early on by launching and heading a strategic business unit in water treatment that saved the company $ 1M per year and created acres of green areas and plantations in labor camps.

Throughout his years in the corporate world, he had the DNA of an entrepreneur and the heart of a visionary; not only he sees the bigger picture, he also shapes it and brings it to life for those who can’t see the possibilities, inspiring and motivating them into action.

As a leader heading different business unit across multiple industries, he has gained extensive experience in managing stakeholders and empowering the team, he finds joy in mentoring and guiding people to grow in confidence and abilities.