Naveen Joseph

Co-Founder, Regional Director Operations - iMile

Naveen Joseph is the Co-Founder & Regional Director Operations for iMile, an e-commerce logistics based emerging start-up dedicated to bridging the gap between China and the Middle East region. Within a short span of time, iMile through it’s exceptional service and performance started to be noticed by major e-commerce players.

With over 14+ total years of an overall experience, he had an exceptional career record in the e-commerce and logistics sector. His passion to excel and continuously improve processes helped iMile to scale faster and to embrace many e-commerce players already. In iMile Naveen also plays diverse roles looking after several internal departments with an objective to build scalable processes. He is a process driven professional with critical thinking ability and business acumen.

Prior to iMile, Naveen was Head of Operations for Fetchr which is also a logistics based start-up in the Middle East region. He also carries 7+ years of rich experience in where he played diverse roles in many departments including a very significant role for 2 years as a Black Belt in Amazon Customer Excellence system which drove Lean initiatives like Kaizen as continuous improvement methodology.